Our favourite mountain bike dogs

Dogs are a man’s best friend. Particularly when they share a common love of heart pumping speed, the great outdoors, and getting absolutely filthy. I guess when you take these things into account it’s no surprise that dogs go nuts for mountain biking. Here are some of our favourite mountain biking dogs and their stories.



We love the focus and determination of this fun size companion! Lily is an adventurous Jack Russel that loves action sports and can’t get enough of mountain biking with her owner. She likes to climb and eat rocks (questionable choice) and has an impressive social life on Facebook.



Kaia + mountain biking = pure joy. Kaia is a three-year-old border Collie who has what can only be described as ridiculous mountain bike trail skills.  Bryan and his friend, Jonathan King, shot this video at Bert Flinn Park in Port Moody to see if Kaia could keep up...and well… she did. Even though Bryan gives the track all he has, he still struggles to keep up with his companion.



Amber is a Hungarian Vizsla who, though sometimes slow off the mark in the mornings, loves to get out on the mountain bike trails with her owner James. Her other personal interests include chasing squirrels, despising the rain and eating (a lot).



No obstacle stops Timmy – no log, boulder or steep drop. While Brad Walton tests the 2012 Entourage, Timmy dog sprints after him, overtaking whenever he gets the chance. Brad demonstrates some impressive skills, but it’s hard to tear your eyes away from the excitement, speed and mesmerising fur of his dog.

Last updated: February 13, 2014

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